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The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.

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I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

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holy fuck goals

I’ve started doing some beginner yoga. I hope I can get my body to be doing this again by next year!


Y’know people say shit about social media along the lines of ‘OMG no one cares what anyone had for breakfast’ and like.

I do? I care. I’m pretty sure a lot of people care. I want to hear that the people I care about are having delicious breakfasts or saw something odd at work or flirted with a cute barista. Or just any little thoughts they have that they feel are worth sharing.

I’ve always kind of assumed that’s how you’re supposed to feel about your friends.

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Rachel Sussman

The Oldest Living Things in the World


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Close-ups of butterfly wing scales! You should definitely click on these images to get the full detail.

I’ve paired each amazing close-up (by macro photographer Linden Gledhill) with an image of the corresponding butterfly or moth.  The featured lepidoptera* are (in order of appearance):

*Lepidoptera (the scientific order that includes moths and butterflies) means “scaly wing.” The scales get their color not from pigment - but from microscopic structures that manipulate light.

The great science youtube channel “Smarter Every Day” has two videos on this very subject that I highly recommend:

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Photo by: Jeff f.
Instagram: @YOJEFFF

Model: Sarah



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#tbt to holding this ballon chain at Coachella 2013🎈☀🌵


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I will always love the false image I had of you.

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